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Recordings of previous Q&A calls:

Call List (Future call recordings will be made available for purchase): 

  1. August 2014 : Why retailers care about your brand marketing. 
  2. September 2014: Which is best: launching in big retail stores first or launch in small retailers first?
  3. October 2014: Does the founder's personality play into whether retail buyers choose your business?
  4. November 2014: I have all these retailers approaching me, how do I prioritize my growth? 
  5. December 2014: How to continue the momentum after meeting with a retail buyer.
  6. January 2015: For maximum impact, how should I present my sales numbers to retail buyers? 
  7. March 2015: What are the 5 slides that must go in any sales presentation or Retailer Pitch Deck? 


Stay tuned for the announcement of our next Q&A call.