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Here's just a small sampling of the brands whose retail stories we have told over the years.

The Honest Company

Retail Path guided The Honest Company's preparation for meetings with national retail buyers. This included a thorough review of their retail and wholesale pricing, packaging and concluded with the crafting of their Retail Story



Hoodie Pillow

HoodiePillow had amassed strong online sales after its debut on ABC's Shark Tank but now sought to grow sales in brick and mortar markets. To this end, Retail Path developed a Strategic Retailer Roadmap to prioritize distribution growth and a multi-channel strategy to maximize sales in each distribution channel. We also crafted a Retail Story to align HoodiePillow with the merchandising strategies of its retail targets. As a result, HoodiePIllow gained placement across the U.S, including Bed Bath & Beyond and more. 




Twistband had limited sales history in retail markets but sought to grow their brick and mortar distribution further. After a deep dive into the Twistband business, Retail Path created a one-page Retailer Sales Sheet, a brief retail story that summarized Twistband's selling points most important to retail buyers. As a result, Twistband opened retail distribution in J.Crew, Foot Locker and many other retailers.