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Sales Strategy Consulting

from $250


This service was created for clients who need an expert on speed dial or an acting Director of Sales. 

Packages available:

  • 1 hour for $250
  • 5 hours for $1125
  • 10 hours for $2150

Speak with Vanessa one-on-one:

  • to identify next steps for growing your distribution
  • for guidance on how to support and maximize your current retail accounts
  • to draft and/or translate buyer communications and proposals
  • for help in negotiating favorable outcomes with retail buyers
  • for general advice and guidance

Cut through the ambiguity of retailer-speak and approach retailers with language and proposals that appeal to both your business and theirs. Get behind the scenes support for those unexpected questions that arise during the normal course of selling wholesale. Hourly rate applies.

Here are some of the retail questions we answer: 

  • Which retailers do we go after and when? How do we prioritize our distribution growth across retail stores and retail channels (how to scale up smartly!)?

  • My retail buyer may discontinue my line. How do I change their mind?

  • How do I interpret this retailers' sales report? And how can I make this information work for me? 

  • How do we preserve our brand as we enter new retail channels (brand alignment)?

  • How should we manage our pricing and assortment across our multiple retail channels to ensure they are not cannibalizing (channel conflict management)?

  • How do we manage our product lifecycle to extend its lifetime, thereby generating more revenue?

Is your question not listed above? Email us your question with the subject heading "Consulting Request" and we'll let you know if it is in our wheelhouse.