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Get the attention of retail buyers.

How Will YOU Stand Apart from your competitors?

A good letter of introduction to retail buyers includes a retail story™, which is a business case that demonstrates how your brand improves the sales and profitability of retailers. It weaves a tale for how your brand aligns with their growth strategies and business goals. Our letters are proven to influence the retail buyer, show them how your brand benefits their business, and best of all, creates the urgency to buy now.

Custom Letter of Introduction or Follow-Up Letter To Retail Buyers

We will individually craft or edit (choose one) your letter or email unique to your product line and retail story.  

First we collect the pertinent details from you. Then we use relevant retail lingo and our proven "Letter of Introduction" techniques to create a custom letter for your business.

  • 3 business day turnaround from purchase to delivery (please make yourself available for a 15 minute phone call)

  • Use this letter again and again for any retailer!

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Wow, I really love it! It’s a lot more aggressive than I would have written on my own, so I am glad that I hired you. It hits all the points I see as important, plus adds your perspective and knowledge of the industry and how this process works.
— Sarah Wells, Sarah Wells Bags