Purpose Incubator advances purpose-driven entrepreneurship by supplying resources and education to foster long-term business growth, as well as to inspire the next generation of social entrepreneurs.


Is your company guided by the vision of creating positive change in our world? 

Do your products improve the lives of its users?

IS your brand inspired by Good design?

Does your brand have mass-market potential? 

If this describes your business, we are inspired by you!

Application period for 2016 is now closed. 


WHAT IS PURPOSE INCUBATOR? Purpose Incubator works with early-stage, socially responsible consumer brands to prepare them for distribution in major U.S. retailers.

Unlike most incubators and accelerators, we focus on brands that stand for more than just the bottom line. They are guided by Purpose plus Profit. They are socially responsible. They are on a mission to improve the world. They show their commitment through partnerships with charitable organizations or through a vision to inspire a social movement. We nurture those companies with their purpose in mind.


  • 5 weekly meetings; 1.5 hours each session. It's virtual, but you must show up, be engaged and follow the program. After all, you gain from each other as much as you gain from us.
  • Format of each session is:
    • Guest speaker (Mentors) + Q&A
    • Lecture and interactive discussion on the Topic Of The Week.
    • Open discussion time: Receive guidance from Program Leaders and your cohort on what you are currently working on.
  • Each cohort member receives two 30-minute sessions during the program with participating mentors and program leaders.
  • Program meets every Thursday at 10am PT. First session: April 7, 2016. Last session: May 5, 2016
  • Cohort size: 5 to 6 entrepreneurs. Only 1 entrepreneur per company.

Example of Purpose-Driven Brand: Salty Girl Seafood sells traceable, sustainably-sourced frozen seafood. They hold themselves responsible to the ocean, fishermen, and consumers.


  1. Insights from industry experts and entrepreneurs who have "done it". 
  2. Concrete and actionable guidance on how to scale your business for major retailers, covering operations, financials, marketing and sales. 
  3. Our hand-picked collection of articles, tools and resources guide on social entrepreneurship and retail. 
  4. Access to our Rolodex. We'll connect each cohort member with our extended network of mentors for feedback and advice. Cohort members receive a minimum of two 30-minute one-on-one session during the program. 
  5. Access to vetted service providers (at pre-negotiated rates) in areas such as graphic design, market research, PR, fulfillment, legal, bookkeeping and more. 
  6. Complimentary copy of the National Retailer Sales Toolkit ($255 value)


  • Gain a clear sense of your retail path forward and immediate next steps to accelerate your growth.
  • Identify new ideas from those who have "done it".
  • Safe environment to discuss, experiment and learn. 
  • Expanded network for peers and experts that you'll take with you.
  • Proprietary content from Retail Path, including sales tools and "how to" guides.
  • Learn the business principles and retail advantages that are unique to purpose-driven brands.

Early-stage brands who are accepted into our program should be selling one or more physical products to actual, paying customers. These may be online customers or retail customers. You must have sales.

However, we will review and accept brands that have not launched yet on a case-by-case basis. If this is you, we encourage you to apply, even if your brand does not have sales yet. We will make exceptions for brands that have a strong brand positioning, innovative products and clear vision for their purpose/social impact. 

Products may be food, beverage, home decor, fashion, toys, electronics, or anything you could imagine being sold at your favorite brick and mortar retailers. The people who use your product love it, want to buy more, and want to tell their friends about it.

Your brand endeavors to make a positive change in this world and are guided by these core beliefs. We look for rockstar founders who are domain experts or have solid track records. The founders accepted into Purpose Incubator should be ready to fund growth through raising outside capital or have invested/are well on their way to investing $50k+ of their own money. 


There are many definitions of a business incubator. We found one article that is closest in definition to what Purpose Incubator provides. Please email Vanessa with any questions.


  • We have mentors ready to help. Our list includes product marketers, entrepreneurs who have "done it", retail buyers, and many other vetted experts. We'll publish a list shortly! 
  • We have key partners interested in accelerating growth such as angel investors, and sales rep groups for national retailers. 


 Program Leaders: Vanessa Ting and Romy Taormina

Program Leaders: Vanessa Ting and Romy Taormina

Vanessa Ting - Read Bio //  View LinkedIn Profile

Romy Taormina - Read Bio // View LinkedIn Profile




Please complete our online application. The application will be released on March 9, 2016.

The application period begins March 9, 2016 and closes on March 30, 2016. The sooner you apply, the better your chances. We will extend 20-minute phone interviews on a rolling basis after applications are received. Interviews are mandatory to be accepted into Purpose Incubator.

Decisions will be announced April 1, 2016. First session begins April 7, 2016. 

One full-ride scholarship (valued at $400) will be awarded for "Best Application & Interview" and selected by the Program Leaders. You can read more about the scholarship below. 


The Total Cost of the program is $500. This comprises of a $100 deposit and $400 tuition. Full payment ($500) is due April 1, 2016. It is payable by Paypal or credit card.

If you complete the program successfully, we will refund your $100 deposit on the last day of the program, which is May 5, 2016, or as soon as the below requirements are fulfilled.

Refunds are given to those who complete the program based on the following requirements: 1) Attend each and every class, 2) Complete any and all pre-work assignments given, 3) Actively participate during the sessions, and 4) Complete the Feedback Survey. If these requirements are not met, you will forfeit the $100 deposit. 

Why do we do this? To uphold the value of this program to you and your cohort members. We want to encourage cohort members to be engaged and accountable for their learning. 


One full-ride scholarship (valued at $400) will be awarded for "Best Application & Interview".  The Program Leaders have full discretion in how they select the winner. You will be responsible for submitting the $100 refundable deposit. 

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must share Purpose Incubator's application information on your social media channels before March 25th with the hashtags #PurposeIncubator #Purpose2016