Dates of topics subject to change. Final schedule will be sent to cohort members.

Week 1: 

  • "What Is A Benefit Corporation vs. Certified B Corp? Is This The Right Choice For My Purpose-Driven Business? 
  • “How to understand, embrace and maximize the omnichannel retail landscape.”

Week 2: 

  • "Going From Kitchen To Mass Production - Considerations and Challenges In Scaling a Socially Responsible Brand While Staying True To Mission."
  • "Working With Sales or Manufacturer Reps: What Does A Successful Relationship Look Like? When Is The Right Time To Engage A Rep?"

Week 3: 

  • “The Importance of Understanding Your Financials From Day 1 & How To Build A Foundation That Sets Your Business Up To Scale For Major Retailers."
  • "Pricing for Purpose: Wholesale and SRP Pricing For Sales, Profitability + Purpose."

Week 4: 

  • "How I used DIY PR To Appear In Over 50 Media Outlets & Affordable Ways To Create Buzz For Your Business"
  • "How Do Major Retail Buyers View Purpose-Driven Brands? What Should Social Entrepreneurs Demonstrate To Get To 'Yes'?"

Week 5: 

  • “Fundraising For Social Entrepreneurs: What Should Purpose-Driven Brands Emphasize When Seeking Angel Or VC Funding?” 
  • "How To Identify When To 'Pivot' Or Evolve/Expand Your Product Line"