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What Will Be YOUR Retail Story™?

retail story is a business case that demonstrates how your brand improves the sales and profitability of retailers. It weaves a tale for how your brand aligns with their growth strategies and business goals. We use merchandising principles, both data-driven and qualitative, to craft a story that influences the retail buyer, shows them how your brand benefits their business, and best of all, creates the urgency to buy now.

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Retailer Sales Sheet

You have sold your line into a few retail stores and are now looking to grow bigger?

You are sending off samples to retailers and want to look polished and professional?

The Retailer Sales Sheet™ is a one-page synthesized version of a Retailer Pitch Deck and most impactful for smaller retail chains or boutiques. This abbreviated "retail story" helps mitigate retailers’ concerns about the risks of awarding business to a startup brand and gives them reasons for why it makes good business sense! It is also used as a cover letter for or summary of the Retailer Pitch Deck.

This sales sheet is created once but can be reused for all retailers. 

This is ideal for sales pitches to small retailers or when your brand has limited brick & mortar sales history. 

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Retailer Pitch Deck

You have finally scored an appointment with a buyer, but what do you present? 

You are sending off samples to retailers, and want to put your best foot forward? 

This road-tested PowerPoint Presentation pitch deck has proven successful time and time again. It has turned “no’s” to “yes’s” at Target, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway/Albertsons, Sam's Club, Costco, Babies R' Us, Whole Foods, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens plus independent chains and regional retailers. This presentation builds a business case, known as a retail story, for how your products will benefit a retailer's business, using merchandising strategies, retailer lingo and all the elements that matter to and influence a buyer.  

This deck is created once but can be reused for all retailers.

This sales tool is best suited for companies in brick & mortar distribution for at least 18 months. It is also ideal for pitching to national retailers.

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Vanessa Ting’s Retailer Pitch Deck is a powerful sell-in story that quickly captures the buyer’s attention. With the Pitch Deck she created for BooginHead, we were able to secure meetings with the Target and Walmart buyers. The Pitch Deck convinced Walmart that it made good business sense to put us in their stores. And in a matter of a few short months, BooginHead gained distribution in 500 Walmart stores across the U.S. with the opportunity to increase store counts in the future!
— Sari Crevin, CEO, Booginhead