Are you trying to sell your product line in retail stores across the U.S.?

Overtime you may have realized it is not that easy. You may have wondered whether there is a better way to present your line to retail buyers. 

 Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:

  • How do I motivate retail buyers to return my calls and emails? 
  • Why did a retail buyer express interest but then never follow up? 
  • What do I need for a meeting with a retail buyer? 
  • How does a retail buyer evaluate my line? 

If these questions sound familiar, it is because we encounter these questions often. We answer these questions with our proven and retail buyer-developed, Retail Story™.

Since 2010, our company has crafted the Retail Story™ for over 50 clients resulting in meetings with and placement in national retailers across the U.S

Now you can access these Retail Story™ sales tools as affordable DIY templates. 

Find the  DIY Template for your stage of business

Your solution: 

Your solution: 

Your solution:

What these tools can do for you:

  • Demonstrate to retail buyers how your brand improves their sales and profitability. 
  • Influence retail buyers with your business case for how your brand supports their growth strategies and business goals.
  • Speak to retail buyers in their language.
  • Build your own sales tools proven to create a sense of urgency with retail buyers to buy your line, now