National Retailer Sales Kit

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National Retailer Sales Kit.png

National Retailer Sales Kit


All the sales collateral you need to begin selling to national retailers. Just add your product samples and go!


  1. Letter of Introduction Template
  2. Retailer Pitch Deck™ Template 
  3. Store Visit Checklist
  4. How To Build A Data-Driven Retail Story™
  5. Elevator Product Pitch Best Practices
  6. Visual Design Guidelines for Retailer Pitch Deck™
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Created for retail buyers, by a retail buyer.

About our Letters of Introduction/Followup: Our letters have earned appointments with boutiques (e.g., Kitson), J.Crew, Specialty stores, Target, Walmart and many more.These sample letters and templates work for all retail channels and industry types. 

About Retailer Pitch Deck: Our Retailer Pitch Deck has turned “no’s” to “yes’s” at Target, Walmart, Babies R' Us, Walgreens plus independent chains and regional retailers. This presentation builds a business case, known as a retail story, for how your products will benefit a retailer's business, using merchandising strategies, retailer lingo and all the elements that matter to and influence a buyer.
Created for retail buyers, by a retail buyer.

Here is what is included in your purchase:

  1. One PowerPoint template for the Retailer Pitch Deck (17 pages), with instructions on how to complete the deck
  2. Visual Design Guide to help you create a visually stunning and clean presentation. 
  3. Instructions for how to identify and craft your own financial rationales (i.e., compelling arguments for why your brand will drive the sales and profitability of your intended retailer) for inclusion in the Retailer Pitch Deck
  4. Store visit checklist to help you identify retail merchandising strategies and merchandising presentation proposals for your Retailer Pitch Deck
  5. Product Pitch Best Practices and framework for inclusion in the Retailer Pitch Deck
  6. Letter of Introduction/Follow Up Template: Formatted with placeholders and ready for your to customize. 
  7. Sample Letter 1: For brands with limited brick and mortar distribution and limited sales history, but healthy online sales
  8. Sample Letter 2: For brands with some brick and mortar distribution and some sales history and is pitching to a publicly traded company
  9. Sample Letter 3: For brands with solid brick and mortar distribution and solid sales history but with limited marketing
  10. Sample Letter 4: For brands with limited distribution, limited sales history and limited marketing
  11. PLUS 3 BONUS sample letters showing you how to write trade show follow-ups and follow-ups with marketing updates.