Do you have a sales strategy?

Prioritize which retailers you should go after and when

...with your custom Strategic Retailer Roadmap


Determine the smartest way in which to grow your retail distribution.

Our Strategic Retailer Roadmap takes into account these critical challenges brands face when scaling up:

  • How to extend your reach to as many retail channels and stores as possible

  • How to select the best channels to extend the life of your brand (brand alignment)

  • How to manage your pricing and assortment across your multiple retail channels to ensure they are not cannibalizing (channel conflict management)

  • How to prioritize your potential retail channels and retailer tiers, so that you approach them at the right stage of growth

  • How to manage your product lifecycle to extend its lifetime, thereby generating more revenue


Ideal for emerging brands that:

  • Have a finished product but don’t know which retail accounts to pursue first.

  • Have retailers, distributors and sales reps pursuing you but you don’t know which to prioritize first nor the cadence best-suited for your business and resources.

  • Want to scale up smartly!

Pricing begins at $900 per Strategic Retailer Roadmap.

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