What a fantastic presentation! Thank you so much. I know that the attendees found it very helpful and informative - you delivered exactly the kind of practical guidance they are always asking for!
— Executive Director, Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association
The feedback that we got was overwhelmingly positive and mostly highlighted that the webinar was really helpful for our founders.
— Startups.co (Clarity Live)
Thank you so much for the webinar this morning. It was very informative and educational.
— The Ollie World
It was great to participate in your Webinar again today. Thank you for doing it for us! That was the second one I’ve participated in and I find them SO useful and informative as we work to get Bitybean off the ground.
— Bittybean
Just sat through your JPMA presentation... thank you! Always nice to hear valuable insights - of which you had many. Hope to get a chance to introduce myself at ABC.
— eepples, inc.