Retailer Sales Sheet™ DIY Template

Retailer Sales Sheet™ DIY Template


The Retailer Sales Sheet™ is a one-page synthesized version of a Retailer Pitch Deck and most impactful for smaller retail chains or boutiques. This abbreviated "retail story" helps mitigate retailers’ concerns about the risks of awarding business to a startup brand and gives them reasons for why it makes good business sense! It is also used as a cover letter for or summary of the Retailer Pitch Deck.

This sales sheet is created once but can be reused for all retailers. 

This is ideal for sales pitches to small retailers or when your brand has limited brick & mortar sales history. 

Want to build the Sales Sheet™ on your own, using our template and examples? 

Here is what is included in your purchase:

  1. Template: One formatted fill-in-the-blank template for you to complete on your own.
  2. 6 examples of REAL LIFE Sales Sheet™ used to open doors and earn placement at boutiques, regional chains, and larger retailers. These examples will show you how to create your own Retail Story for various industries and retailer types.
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