Ballet Flats from Tieks

February 22, 2013

Tieks are versatile flats that can fold up and fit in your purse and wear all day long without feeling like it’s the type of shoe you fold up and tuck into a little ball.  These comfy shoes come in all colors and patterns.  They are made in the USA (just down the street from Buyerly’s offices, in fact!) and of the finest Italian leathers. It really is a ballet flat reinvented!

While not currently available in stores, retail buyers would LOVE to get their hands on a product like this. Why? It’s a 2-in-1 product (wear as ‘back-ups’ to ouch-worthy heels + wear as regular ballet flats) demonstrates a strong value proposition to shoppers (i.e., they get two uses from the purchase price of one item), it comes in a rainbow assortment of candy colors for an eye-catching and stunning merchandise display, AND appeals to a broad audience of women of all ages and styles.  And it has great brand recognition. With celebrities like Oprah adorning a pair, it’s hard to think this would not translate into strong in-store sales.  Plus, they are beautifully packaged in small boxes making it efficient to flow through the retail supply chain and keeps inventory storage costs low.  Now that is truly a beautiful retail pitch!