Why This Brand Is On Fire

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This brand "gets" it. It understands what it takes to emotionally connect with and excite its target consumer, Millennial Moms. 

It understands that Millennials value healthy lifestyles and seek natural, gluten-free foods for their families. It also understands the Millennials influence food trends among older generations. (Food trends)

It understands that in order to make sure kids are eating healthy, it has to also take action outside of homes - and work directly with schools. (Social Responsibility trends)

It understands that product formulation and sourcing transparency are critical measures of authenticity. (Consumer trends)

And it understands the role branding and packaging play in bringing these values to life. (Packaging trends)

Retailers are tripping over themselves to work with this brand. Why? Because it aligns with so many macro-trends and retailers' growth strategies - specifically, it targets the Millennial consumer. 

The Millennial consumer is the most coveted consumer segment in retail in 2015. They have 21% of direct consumer discretionary purchasing power ($1.3 trillion annually). About 40 million Millennials are already parents. And 9,000 Millennial moms give birth every day.* 

While Millennials do their pre-shopping research online, 82% of them prefer shopping in brick & mortar. One Millennial said “You want to touch it; you want to smell it; you want to pick it up.”**

What does this all mean for brands? If your brand positioning and product line are not relevant to this increasingly important consumer, your brand will not be gaining new retail distribution. You will not gain the attention of retail buyers. This is the current mindset of retail. This is now the hurdle for which your brand needs to overcome. 

Take the time to review your brand strategy. Determine if an update or "refreshening" is needed to gain relevance to this segment of increasing importance to all retailers. Look at your innovation pipeline. Are your upcoming product launches moving you towards the direction of Millennials? If not, you may want to think long and hard about revising your 3 to 5 year growth strategy. 


Cool infograph about Millennials**


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**Who Are The Millennial Shoppers? And What Do They Really Want?, Accenture Outlook Industry Report, 2013.

Packaging Tips To Move Product Off the Shelves

Tip 1:  Be Disruptive.  How many times have you walked down a store aisle and missed what you were looking for? It is a fact – It is a sea of product out there. Your first mission when developing packaging for retail space is to find a way for your product to stand out from its competitors.  Hopefully your brand imagery has already been developed with this in mind. If not, here are other ways to create a disruptive look at shelf:

Tip 2:  Fit the space. Many overlook the restrictive dimensions of store shelves. Make sure your product is not too tall, too wide, or too deep. Also ask yourself, do my retailers merchandise on shelves or peg hooks? Take a walk down the aisle to see your product might be merchandised.

Tip 3:  Think logistics. Will the packaging be durable during shipping? Larger retailers will require transit tests to make sure packaging will hold up in transportation. How many units can you fit in a box? Specifically, will the dimensions allow for an optimal casepack configuration?

Tip 4:  Get the input of consumers and retailers. Effective packaging meets both the needs of the consumer and the retailer – arguably your two biggest stakeholders. Make sure you get consumer and retailer feedback.