Product Testing

What Product Safety Testing Do I Need To Conduct For Retailers?

Product testing is a biggie. Here are some things to know about product testing:

  • Virtually all big retailers require product testing. 
  • Smaller retailers’ product testing requirements vary across the board. 
  • It’s *your* job to be educated on your product category’s safety regulations and all ongoing changes.
  • Many retailers require product durability testing to ensure that it doesn't break from and/or can withstand reasonable use (i.e., drop testing, stability testing, etc.) and transit testing (i.e., your product doesn't damage in shipping). Then there is product safety testing like CPSIA testing for lead, phthalates, and labeling requirements.

What Product Testing Do I Need To Do Or Be Prepared To Do?

Product testing gives retailers the confidence your product will not cause a PR nightmare and hurt the retailer’s reputation. This is especially true for sensitive products such as children’s or juvenile products, health & beauty, or anything that might touch food.  As you may recall from earlier posts, the more action you take to mitigate a retailer’s risk represents one less “deal breaker” to stand in the way of a retail buyers’ “yes”.