My Product Is A Game Changer and Unlike Anything Currently Out on the Market. What Can I Do To Make Sure A Retailer “Gets It”?

June 10, 2013

Make sure a retailer “gets it” by…

1) Likely a game-changer product doesn’t have much market research or industry trend data pointing to its upswing because it is too new. However, PR and the media are usually fast to embrace new trends or game-changing products. If your game-changer is featured in a magazine, show that to the buyer as evidence of an emerging trend. Plus, media attention serves as consumer education and builds consumer demand, which appeals to retailers. How do you get your product in the press? Send samples to key celebrities or events. Leverage a PR agency to help you find these opportunities and make those connections. Check out our previous posts about how to generate PR by using the keyword search bar (including DIY tips!)

2) Do research into the unmet needs of consumers.  Doing so helps you build the case that a need exists for your game changing product – and to prove that no other competitor or product is currently satisfying those needs in the way yours can.  A purchase decision hierarchy is helpful in communicating that in a clear and illustrative way.

3) But more likely than not, you’ll run into a lot of retailers who do not get it. Not to fret. Those risk averse retailers are usually the bigger ones. So if you focus on building distribution and sales history in those smaller stores that are more open to taking new products, that information will serve you well when pitching at these bigger retailers the second time around.