Products To Avoid When Launching Products Into Retail

I see A LOT of product launches. Even in my post-retail buyer life, I remain inundated by new products. 

Each week, I get introduced to, or contacted by, 20-25 new brands. And over 4 years that is a crap load of product! 

There are a few product categories that I see often with little product differentiation. For me, these represent what NOT to launch. Why? Because the market place (especially brick and mortar retail) is crowded and little product differentiation can be achieved through R&D or claims.

Sure, product differentiation can be achieved in these categories. But it is an uphill battle for new brands with limited funds or access to R&D. 

Here are the top 5 items that get pitched to me:

(In other words, do not launch unless you found a way to differentiate!)

  1. Diaper bags

  2. Natural skincare

  3. Multipurpose baby blankets  

  4. Baby swaddling products

  5. Nutritional bars

So unless you can do something truly innovative or different with these products, about avoiding launching products into retail in these categories. 

What do you think about my opinions above? Do you agree? Disagree? Let's hear your experiences!