Featured Buyer Profile: “A Differentiated Product With A Clear Consumer Need is More Likely To Win Shelf Space.”

October 8, 2013

Buyer ID:  819

Retail experience: Eight years

Retailer experience: Mass Merch Stores and Apparel Chains

Primary decision-making authority:  Yes

Product Category experience: Apparel, Accessories, Toys

Favorite color: Kelly Green

Favorite print/pattern: I like a classic stripe.

Who would you give the Product of the Year award to? 

2nd Street Creamery’s Can’t Tell Me No! Cookie Dough Ice Cream.  I’ll admit it – I’m an ice cream addict.  The geniuses at 2nd Street Creamery have loaded this flavor with tons of chunks of chocolate chip and double chocolate cookie dough pieces.  But the best part is the ribbon of sugar cookie dough swirled throughout the entire pint.  Yum!

Why did you join the Buyerly Buyer Panel?  

Buyerly helps me find out about new product innovations.  I also love being a Buyer, so it’s genuinely fun to share my thoughts and insights with vendors that are just starting out.

What is your favorite store to shop at?

Whole Foods.  Even though they often take my ‘whole paycheck, I think Whole Foods is merchandised incredibly well and their take-out options are delicious.

What advice do you have for the consumer companies on Buyerly?

Ensure you provide as much product and packaging information as possible in your Buyerly product write-up.  This makes it easier for me to evaluate the concept and provide more helpful commentary.  Most importantly, tell me what truly differentiates your product or idea from what’s already out there in the market.  Brick-and-mortar retailers have limited space to work with.  As a Buyer, I will most likely have to exit another item in order to set your new product.  A differentiated product with a clear consumer need is more likely to win shelf space.

Favorite holiday season: Valentine’s Day.  I know – it’s a cheesy holiday ,but who doesn’t love a holiday that’s all about love?