Featured Buyer Profile: “With So Much Focus Moving To Online Shopping, You Have To Think Beyond How Your Product Will Look 'On Shelf'."

November 25, 2013

Buyer ID: 116

Retail experience (years): 3.5

Retailer experience (stores): Mass Merch, e-Commerce

Primary decision-making authority: Yes.

Product Category experience: Food, Baby & Kids, Natural & Organic, Pet

Favorite color: Red

Favorite print/pattern: Plaid

Who would you give the Product of the Year award to?

I am a huge fan of the AquaFarm, by Bay Area startup Back to the Roots. It’s a closed loop, self-cleaning fish tank and at home aquaponics system. As an urban dweller with limited outdoor space, this has been a great way to have my very own sustainable garden.

Why did you join the Buyerly Buyer Panel?

My role as a buyer in a fast growing online startup is to stay ahead of the trends in the natural, organic and eco-friendly space. Being a part of Buyerly allows me to see what is exciting and new in that space, while at the same time providing meaningful feedback to emerging brands.

What is your favorite store to shop at?  

I’ve been spending too much time (and money) on Jackthreads.com, but from a brick and mortar stand point, I am always impressed with Whole Foods Market. They do an incredible job from assortment selection to in store presentation to superior customer service – it’s a fantastic shopping experience! Not to mention that my local Whole Foods has a bar where I can grab a drink before I really get into checking off my shopping list.

What advice do you have for the consumer companies on Buyerly?

With so much focus moving to online shopping, you have to think beyond how your product will look “on shelf” in a traditional brick and mortar retailer, but how it will look to a customer surfing their favorite shopping site. Invest in high quality, high resolution images that support ecommerce platforms – clean white backgrounds, images that match your product description, and multiple shots including the product outside of the package, are all ways to help satisfy the needs of ecommerce retailers. And if you’re selling food items, definitely images of your ingredient deck.

Favorite holiday season: Thanksgiving – nothing beats family, feasting, and leftovers